About us  

P.B. Adhesive Systems is the adhesives arm of Prime Blend Industries. PBA has a full line of waterborne and hot melt adhesives. We specialize in adhesives for food packaging applications where food contact approvals are necessary. Nearly 87% of the adhesive volume formulated by P.B. Adhesive Systems are designated “food grade” products with industry low VOC’s and indirect and direct food contact approvals.

P.B. Adhesive Systems utilizes sales, production and technical personnel with 30 years of experience in the adhesives industry. We are comfortably able to analyze, formulate, process, produce and deliver our customers' adhesive needs before most of our competitors will process the order.

Prime Blend has a full line of water-based coatings for high speed printing operations. Formulating high gloss, matte and non-skid coatings with a variety of CoF's and abrasion resistance properties.


Jerry Stempel

Jerry Stempel is an accomplished executive manager with a proven track record of achieving significant financial results through directing operations, administration, manufacturing/production, customer service, technical service, sales, marketing and distribution. He has been working with his customer base uninterrupted for the past 31 years. He has had hands-on experience in successfully evaluating and integrating acquisitions, determining and maximizing synergies to positively impact the firm’s bottom line, ROI, and market value. Jerry has held the role of President and Executive Vice President consecutively since 1985 at the following businesses: Ajax Adhesives, Croda Adhesives, Sovereign Specialty Chemicals and Henkel. He has often been retained as an industry expert witness in Patent Infringement and Expressed Warranty cases. Jerry founded Prime Blend Industries and P.B. Adhesives in order to give the paper/film/foil converting industry an option to have a formulating and applications expert partner on adhesives and coatings where cost effectiveness and expedience were not mutually exclusive concepts with quality. “There has to be a place for manufacturers in our industry to be able to find a supplier with decades of experience with their equipment and substrates….. one who will have immediate solutions and the shortest lead time possible from order placement to order delivery.”

Bob Beach

Bob Beach has 27 years of experience in the technical sales of adhesives and coatings. Bob has worked for PB Adhesives Systems since 2009. He brings his knowledge of Water-Based, Hot Melt and PUR Adhesives as well as Water-Based and UV/EB coatings to the Folding Carton, P-O-P Display, Printing and Specialty Packaging Markets. Through diligence, persistence and quick response, Bob has grown his territories every year and has nearly doubled what initially was a sizeable sales volume. Bob has worked for small, nimble companies and for the largest manufacturers in the industry. He believes that providing the fastest response time; from project inception to lab recommendation and price quotation has been the key to his success.